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About Us

Natural Throne is the result of the union of two powerful forces. 

The first one is the force of knowledge. Literally hundreds of passionate research hours about human health and physical and emotional well being, nutrition, and many other variables that influence our daily routine and make human life fascinating.

Friendship is the second force that is at the root of Natural Throne and that made possible the realization of a project that was always the dream of two friends who are passionate about life and knowledge: to pass some of this cognition and to help as many people as possible to lead a full and healthy life.

Determined to understand the causes of the onset of contemporary diseases, which so meaninglessly "rob" the quality of life and even the life of literally millions of people, easily we understood that the living standards of the past, as opposed to modern standards, are the key to better understand what we are doing wrong that allowed the emergence and dissemination of many modern ailments.

Thus arises Natural Throne, from the understanding of the past as source of answers to the challenges of the modern world.

Natural Throne is not just the "stool", as some of our customers affectionately call it, it's an ingenious device that allows you to eliminate in a squatting position that is, in fact, the natural elimination position for a human being and it was like that until the emergence and popularization of modern toilets.

Natural Throne is also a set of other products and of precious knowledge that we strongly believe that everybody should have access to in order to adopt a healthy life style away from serious ailments such as constipation, hemorrhoids, IBS, colon cancer and many other diseases that derive from there because, as you will have the opportunity to learn, health starts in the colon.

Join us in this journey through knowledge and a naturally healthy life. 

natural throne
natural throne

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natural throne

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