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How Natural Throne works?

When you sit on the toilet place your feet over Natural Throne. You should place it at a distance that allows you to be comfortable. Remember that the closer you are to the squatting position the easier will be to defecate. After its use place Natural Throne under your toilet.

How often should I use Natural Throne?

Whenever you need to use the bathroom.  After using Natural Throne you will realize that it no longer makes sense to go back to the common seated position which is directly related to a series of colon ailments.

How long does it take to feel the effect of using Natural Throne?

For the vast majority of people the effect is felt immediately from the first time they use Natural Throne. However, the squatting posture that Natural Throne allows you to adopt can be improved naturally and gradually while increasing the ease with which you eliminate.

I have no problem in defecating. Why shoul I use Natural Throne?

You may feel that there’s nothing wrong with the sitting position to eliminate, however as soon as you try Natural Throne you will notice the difference and you will not want to eliminate again in the normal seated position.

Why can't I simply use several books stacked or a step for elevation?

You could do that, but why would you since it is far from being a hygienic and practical solution that would not guarantee you the stability (with the books) nor the height and format (with the step) suitable to adopt the squatting position. Your health does not require a temporary solution but a definitive one.

Anyone can use the Natural Throne?

Yes, anyone that cares about their health should use Natural Throne as long as they are physically fit to place their feet on top of it. Children also can and should use Natural Throne, even though, for safety reasons, adult supervision is recommended, initially.

Can Natural Throne be used to urinate?

Yes. In the squatting position a natural pressure is applied on the bladder allowing a more prolific urination.

Can I stand on Natural Throne?

No, you cannot. Natural Throne has been designed to allow the squatting position while sitting in your toilet and for that purpose only. Natural Throne should not be used for any other purpose.

How should I clean Natural Throne?

It is very simple. Clean it with a cloth and with the cleaning product you usually use to sanitize your bathroom.

Can I benefit from free shipping on Natural Throne?

You can benefit from free shipping if the total of your purchases exceeds the value of 65€. To do this, you can purchase 3 Natural Thrones or combine the purchase of 1 or 2 Natural Thrones with our Natural Fibers.

If I am not satisfied will I be able to return Natural Throne?

Yes, we allow you a trial period of 30 days. If you are not satisfied you can return it and you will be totally refunded. You will pay only the shipping cost of the returning product.

Can I purchase Natural Throne in my country?

Natural throne can be purchased in any country. However, accessibility and transportation costs vary from country to country. If you belong to a European country the probability of getting a cheaper transport price is higher. Check our map here and its shipping values.

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