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How to eliminate naturally with Natural Throne

Understanding the causes of constipation, hemorrhoids and other intestinal problems

No matter how much this subject is debated, the fact is that it continues to be a taboo for many people. The truth is that we all defecate and that's a good thing, even though for many of us it can mean pain and great discomfort. In fact, as the result of evolution and the subsequent emergence of modern toilets in Western civilization, we started to defecate in the sitting position. The problem is that, contrary to common belief, this position doesn't come natural to humans.

The hazards of using toilets

Despite the convenience and comfort that toilets brought us, along with them also came associated a significant number of bowel problems. This happens because, anatomically, we are not designed to eliminate in the sitting position, but in the squatting position.
For thousands of years humans have done it in the squatting position and in some countries this still happens. It's not by chance that in these countries the incidence of intestinal problems, such as constipation or hemorrhoids, is practically nonexistent.

As a matter of fact, when we are seated in the toilet the puborectalis muscle (responsible for human bowel continence) doesn't relax fully, partially strangulating the intestinal canal, therefore obstructing and hindering the passage of feces (image 1).

The importance of the squatting position on intestinal health

The squatting position plays a decisive role in the elimination process and complete bowel emptying for one simple reason: in the squatting position, the puborectalis muscle (responsible for human intestinal continence) is fully relaxed, thus allowing an effortless, quick and complete elimination.

Whereas, in the squatting position, the puborectalis muscle is fully relaxed, thus allowing an effortless and complete elimination (image 2).
Additionally, other phenomena occur in the squatting position: the rectum adopts a vertical position, allowing gravity to assist during elimination; by elevating your legs, it creates a support for the intestines that applies a natural pressure, contributing for an easier and natural elimination. Lastly, in the squatting position there is also an abdominal contraction that enables less effort in elimination. Our whole body is designed to evacuate in the squatting position. To counteract this evidence may lead to the emergence of several diseases.

In the sitting position this doesn't happen because this muscle continues to partially strangle the intestinal canal. This strangulation hinders not only the elimination of feces, but also the complete elimination of fecal waste from the intestine.
When this happens, there is a serious risk of re-entry of toxins into the bloodstream which could lead to a great number of serious diseases such as colon cancer.
This is the main reason why defecating in the squatting position proves to be fundamental whether or not you suffer from any colon issue.

Ailments associated with toilet use:


Hemorrhoids (dilatation of the rectum´s blood vessels as a result of exertion in the elimination of feces)

Feeling of incomplete bowel emptying



Abdominal and inguinal hernias (caused by continued exertion and pressure in the abdominal region)


Colon cancer

Natural Throne: The natural solution to constipation, hemorrhoids and other intestinal problems

Natural Throne has been designed with the proper format and measures for your body to naturally adopt the most efficient position for elimination. With the use of Natural Throne your body naturally forms an approximate angle of 35°.
Natural Throne dimensions were studied so it adapts to the different heights of it´s users and the different types of toilets. Thus, when using Natural Throne ,whether a child or an adult will be adopting a very close posture to the squatting position. This posture is the only one that guarantees you an effortless, quick and complete elimination without having to give up the comfort that your toilet offers you.

The medical community is unanimous about the importance of the intestine in human health. In fact, nowadays it is a fact that an unhealthy bowel has major health implications, which can range from simple migraines to much more serious clinical conditions such as oncological pathologies, commonly known as cancers.

Watch the explanatory video of Natural Throne

How can we help you?

Now that you understand that an incorrect elimination posture is the primary cause of bowel ailments such as constipation and hemorrhoids, you can order your own Natural Throne. Natural Throne guarantees, in a natural, drug free way, both yours and your family's health.

The importance of intestinal health

Eating healthy, regular physical activity and (good) water consumption are some of the various factors that help promoting intestinal health. Also, a complete bowel emptying is quite an important factor too, since many colon diseases have its source in fecal stagnation.

However, as we previously mentioned, you should be aware that, besides elimination posture, other factors will also contribute to your intestinal health. It's known that the consumption of an insufficient amount of fibers (should be ingested between 25 to 35 grams per day), as well as an insufficient amount of water intake or lack of regular physical activity are contributing factors to the bowel problems previously described. If you are truly committed on having a healthier life style, be sure to check all the useful information and valuable tips that we provide on our blog.

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