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Medical studies show

The influence of posture on human defecation

This study shows that through hip flexion in the squatting position, the anorectal canal assumes a more vertical position as well as exerting an abdominal pressure that facilitates effortless elimination.

Comparison of effort during defecation in different positions

The point of this study was to compare the effort and time required for stool elimination in the squatting position and in the sitting position.  It has been confirmed that, in the squatting position, elimination is not only faster and more prolific but also requires less effort.

Measurement of the impact of ethnic habits through defecography

In this study, the differences between the use of typical Iranian toilets (at ground level) and common western world toilets were determined. The study concluded that with the use of the Iranian toilets, a much greater opening of the angle of the anorectal canal is obtained, as well as a greater distance between the perineum and the horizontal plane of the pelvic floor.

natural throne

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natural throne

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